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Repainting a home is an investment in the future, a commitment to maintaining the value of your home, and an aspirational act that creates a pleasing living environment for you and your family. A&A Painting, Inc is the Batavia, IL, painting company with the experience, reputation, and dedication to quality you can trust. Let us set the stage for decades of treasured memories.

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of Batavia, IL

Hiring a contractor for exterior painting means trusting the look of your entire house to their team. The best way to ensure you’re happy with how your home looks year-round, whatever the weather, is to choose A&A Painting, Inc. As professional painters, we put our experience with lighting, color, and paint quality to work for you. 

of Batavia, IL

Every room in your house tells a story, from your children’s bedrooms and family kitchen to the study and media room. Custom interior painting helps you establish the unique character of each room. With a professional color consultation from A&A Painting, Inc, you’ll feel inspiration or a rush of pleasant memories every time you walk through your home. 

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A&A Painting, Inc is a family-owned and fully licensed Batavia, IL, painting company with a more than 20-year history of making consumer satisfaction a priority. Homeowners, landlords, and other members of the community come to us for residential painting and commercial painting services. We pay attention to our customers’ personal goals and dreams, allowing us to transcend ordinary painting work.
Using paints from established manufacturers like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, we paint with the attention to detail and flawless skill that would befit a stately hotel or bed-and-breakfast. With A&A Painting, Inc, the choice is yours. Join thousands of happy customers and give your home a professional-quality look. 

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We are proud to be part of the Batavia, IL, business community. The homes we paint are part of the northern Illinois landscape, so we always treat them and their owners with the utmost respect.

More than just Painters

Remodel Your Home In Batavia, IL

At A&A Painting, Inc, we see our clients’ painting projects in the context of larger design concepts. To help homeowners achieve as much as possible, we complement our professional house painting with remodeling services. Add designs, tile motifs, backsplashes, and accessories to your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.
If you are not yet sure what you want from a home remodel, our experts are ready to help you with a color consultation and project planning session. With professional guidance from our innovative team, you can explore the potential for your home in ways you might not think possible.

More than your average wall painter

Cabinet Painters in Batavia, IL

Cabinets are more than storage spaces or pieces of furniture; they draw attention, anchor the aesthetic tone of a kitchen or living area, and reinforce other elements of the color scheme. Imagine your kitchen as it is now with cabinets in an earthy brown hue, warm yellow, or sleek navy blue. Painting cabinets with high-quality paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams protects them from chips, scratches, and other forms of damage. 
If you want your kitchen or dining room to be a focal point for family gatherings, choose A&A Painting, Inc. We are the painting and remodeling experts who create the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for creating future memories that will last for generations. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Batavia, IL Professional Painter FAQs

If you live in Batavia, IL, or any of the many communities of northern Illinois, A&A Painting, Inc is ready to get to work for you. Our Batavia, IL, painting company will schedule a painting session at your convenience and arrive on time and finish the work in a timely fashion.

Call A&A Painting, Inc now at 630-332-8499 to get started on your home improvement project!

Interior house painting can mean anything from an accent wall and a few splashes of color to a complete redesign and repainting of the entire home. The type of paint and the application technique can also affect the cost. 

For a more accurate cost, feel free to call us at 630-332-8499 to schedule a free estimate!

The best practice in the industry is to paint the siding first. It will be easier to tape off the siding adjacent to the trim and protect it from stray paint. At A&A Painting, Inc, we will always use the painting techniques that protect your home and offer you the best outcome for any painting project.

Extra wide rollers can speed up the process of painting interior walls. Painting during dry weather helps the paint to dry faster, and avoiding mistakes during the painting process is essential for maximizing efficiency.

Painting a kitchen can add a great deal to your home, particularly if the new paint color or the flawless cabinet surfaces bring out the best in other elements of your home. The best way to maximize the value of your cabinets is to plan your kitchen cabinet repainting project with a professional and have them repaint your cabinets.

Yes! Although most A&A Painting, Inc clients are homeowners, we carry out painting projects for owners of rental properties and property managers for small businesses. We deliver quality results to business owners that impact profitability and bring in customers. 

Contact us today at 630-332-8499 for all of your commercial painting needs!

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Have you put off parties and family gatherings after the COVID pandemic hit because your house no longer excites you? Recapture the feelings of joy and accomplishment that your home used to offer, and discover new reasons to be proud of your home. Reimagine your living space with A&A Painting, Inc.
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