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Before you choose a South Elgin, IL, painting company for residential or commercial painting services, consider the benefits of top-quality paints and professional installation. Investing in durable paints by trusted brands like Sherwin-Williams, hiring experienced professional painters, and using commercial-grade painting equipment ensures precision and durability. At A&A Painting, Inc, we achieve stunning results with a blend of time-tested painting techniques and creativity.

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Do you want a down-to-earth country aesthetic, a sophisticated modern sheen, or a bright, arty look? However you imagine your dream home to be, A&A Painting, Inc can capture the reality. Let us find you durable and environmentally friendly paints that give your home exterior a unique voice that will last for generations. 

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The walls of a room are more than boundaries. The colors and the interplay of light on the paint’s finish is a reflection of a mood and a state of mind. With the support of the A&A Painting, Inc team, you can take control of the way that your house speaks to your guests, friends, and family members.
Our interior painting services include color consultation, renovation planning, meticulous paint application, and conscientious clean-up. We treat your furniture and other possessions carefully throughout the painting process and leave the work area in perfect condition.

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The many satisfied customers who write five-star reviews for A&A Painting, Inc agree that we’re the top South Elgin, IL, painting company. They know that we offer prompt service, honest communication, and transparent estimates in plain language for a hassle-free experience with no unpleasant surprises.
We’re a family-owned business that carefully screens our employees so we can guarantee you a pleasant experience and skilled painting work. We use top-grade equipment to complete your project quickly while maintaining the highest quality assurance standards.

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A&A Painting, Inc provides comprehensive painting and remodeling services to discerning homeowners in South Elgin, IL, and nearby communities. Contact us for an estimate over the phone or to schedule a consultation.

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We’re more than the preeminent South Elgin, IL, painting company. Our team has established itself as the local go-to company for professional interior remodeling. Consider the photos from our website to envision the effects of a full remodel on your kitchen, living room, or dining room. Combine new bright wall colors with a backsplash that pops and custom artistic elements.
Our deep understanding of color and layout is vital to our success as remodeling specialists. As we would with our selection of paints, we only use the best building materials for any of our remodeling projects. Leave your home makeover to us.

Painting more than just walls

Best South Elgin, IL Cabinet Painters

Restore the beauty of your cabinets or explore a different design theme without buying new cabinets or resurfacing your existing ones. The perfect color can be a conversation piece without overshadowing the rest of the design. Cabinet painting requires different design and functional considerations than other types of interior painting. We use sturdy and scratch-resistant paints from brands like Benjamin Moore so guests of all ages can use your cabinets without damaging the finish. Our team will investigate the lighting in your home and recommend the best fit for your home.

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Our South Elgin, IL Painting Service FAQs

Reputable painting contractors like our team at A&A Painting, Inc are licensed for contracting work, have insurance, and support their employees with training and carefully selecting employees with extensive painting experience and customer service skills. Customers in your community and online review sites help homeowners identify the top-performing companies in their area.

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Depending on how large the room is and how much preparatory work you need, it can take several hours to completely paint a room. It might be a good idea to stay out of freshly painted rooms for a day or so to avoid exposure to paint fumes, depending on the type of paint and the humidity in the air. Professional painters can give you a better timeline for your particular painting project.

Remodeling costs can be higher for rooms with plumbing and gas hookups, but on average, you can expect to pay about $20 per square foot to remodel a typical room.

Painting in midsummer or in the heart of winter can take longer and be more challenging because of extreme weather. In temperate climates, spring and fall are ideal times for painting the outside of your home. If your home has exposure to falling leaves and windblown plant material in spring or fall, be sure your contractor can protect the surface of your home while the paint is drying.

Exterior painting is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your home and enhance its attractiveness. Compared to other home projects, few other renovations can drastically change your home’s appearance like paint.

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Your home deserves to look great inside and out. For a South Elgin, IL, painting company that will give your home the attention it deserves, contact A&A Painting, Inc at 630-332-8499. Reap the benefits of a highly trained team with decades of experience. Let us apply our skills, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional-grade paints to your next residential painting project.

An incredible, luxurious home is within your reach. We won’t send you an invoice for your residential painting until we’ve finished the work to your satisfaction. Schedule your appointment today and discover how paint, talent, and creativity can transform your entire house or add the perfect finishing touches.